Highway Funding Bill Stalled; Cuts to Start in August  Jul 10th, 2014 
Congress will vote on a bill to potentially stall cuts to highway funding. 
Security Company Offers $10K to Hack Tesla Model S  Jul 10th, 2014 
Hackers compete for $10k to hack a Tesla Model S. 
Mazda Brings Back RX-7 for Rotary's 50th Birthday  Jul 10th, 2014 
Mazda will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its rotary engine by bringing back the RX-7. 
Hellacious B-Roll: Dodge Posts Footage of Challenger SRT Hellcat Being Awesome [Video]  Jul 10th, 2014 
There certainly has been no dearth of 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat video posted lately, but 707 supercharged horsepower in a relatively normal car is pretty exciting. And after we ripped simultaneous burnouts in two Hellcats and showed you what the car is made of, we headed to Chrysler’s YouTube channel, where the brand has […] 
HackaTeslaThon: Break Into a Tesla Model S, Win Some Dough (In China)  Jul 10th, 2014 
We’re not sure why it took this long, but Silicon Valley’s automotive darling, the Tesla Model S, is finally being hacked—although not in the way you might think. Forbes reports that a group is holding a Model S hackathon next week in Beijing, China. Unsurprisingly, Tesla isn’t supporting or backing the event. We’ve delved into what […] 
2014 BMW 328d xDrive Diesel Wagon Long-Term Intro: Long Name, Longer Test  Jul 10th, 2014 
Yes, a diesel station wagon—could we be more predictable? One of our more fervently held automotive proclivities notwithstanding, we added BMW’s long-haul hauler to our fleet to evaluate the first efficiency-minded 3-series diesel in America in a generation. (The burly 335d from the turn of the decade doesn’t count—it shunned economy in favor of making […] 
It’s Teslarific! Nissan Giving Out Free Juice to New Leaf Owners  Jul 10th, 2014 
Like casino players with club cards, electric-car owners are used to freebies tossed at them left and right. Nissan is upping the ante—and calling Tesla on its free Supercharger network—by giving new Leaf owners free charging for two years. There’s fine print. You’ll have to live in one of 10 targeted areas (Dallas–Fort Worth, Houston, […] 
Jaguar Land Rover Details New, Scalable Turbocharged “Ingenium” Engine Family  Jul 10th, 2014 
Jaguar Land Rover has released photos and info on its new Ingenium engine family. We first reported on JLR’s new powerplants at this year’s Detroit auto show, but this is the first rash of in-depth details on the in-house effort.  The first Ingenium-branded engine to hit the market will be a turbocharged 2.0-liter diesel four-cylinder, […] 
From the C/D Archives: 1994 Mazda Miata M Edition and R Package Tested!  Jul 10th, 2014 
The Miata caused a sensation at its 1989 introduction, but as we know from the Pontiac Fiero, or even Nirvana, sensations have the staying power of Beavis on prom night. For example, sales of the 1993-model Miata were 58 percent lower than the peak of 51,087 for the ’90 model. READ MORE ›› 
2015 Ford Mustang Dealer Stock Production Imminent, Special Orders Can Be Placed 9/9 [UPDATE]  Jul 10th, 2014 
  UPDATE: The Mustang6g report that we cited previously was slightly off. A Ford spokesman tells us that the 2015 Mustang will remain in the preproduction phase for some time yet. “Our Job 1 customer cars will be built closer to the on-sale date, which is this fall,” he said. Still, it can’t hurt to […] 
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