2016 Ford Explorer Spy Photos: Explore Range Rover Design Cues Much?  Oct 21st, 2014 
What It Is: Ford’s Explorer three-row crossover, caught wearing camo over its refreshed-for-2016 nose and tuchus. READ MORE ›› 
How to M4 Like a Champ: BMW Unveils Racy M4 DTM Champion Edition  Oct 21st, 2014 
BMW rejoined the DTM German Touring Car Championship in 2012 after an absence of two decades. While Audi took the manufacturer’s championship this year, BMW driver Marco Wittmann brought home the driver’s championship and the BMW RMG Team placed first in the team championship. To celebrate its success, BMW will sell just 23 special M4 […] 
JM&A Group Selects New Customer Service VP  Oct 21st, 2014 
Josh Bass, who joined JM&A in 2012 as the director of sales planning and analysis, has been promoted to vice president of customer services. 
DMVdesk Hits One Million Transactions in September  Oct 21st, 2014 
DMVdesk, Motor Vehicle Software Corporation’s vehicle registration software, averaged 120,000 transactions per month in 2014. The software hit the one million transaction mark last month. 
2015 Lincoln MKC 2.3 EcoBoost AWD Tested: Comfort and Confidence in a Great Escape  Oct 20th, 2014 
A decade from now, automotive gods willing and if everything goes according to plan, we might recognize this MKC as Lincoln’s great escape. That’s escape with a lowercase “e.” Because while the MKC is based on the Ford Escape, Lincoln has finally, gently broken free from its reputation for building overpriced, reskinned Fords. The rudderless […] 
Lightning Lap 2014: We Attack VIR with 25 of the Year’s Hottest Performance Cars  Oct 20th, 2014 
It’s believed that James Madison strode the White House and the War of 1812 was rapidly becoming the War of 1813 when an oak sapling poked through the soil in a southern Virginia meadow to witness its first sunrise and splash of rainwater. The tree’s shadow steadily grew as nearby Danville’s ­cotton mills and tobacco […] 
American Litigation Story, Scat Show: Chrysler Challenged (Again) by Scat Enterprises Over Scat Pack Name  Oct 20th, 2014 
There’s a real scat storm brewing over at Chrysler, which was just dragged into a legal kerfuffle over its use of the Scat Pack name for high-performance trim levels of various Dodge models. Automotive News reports that Scat Enterprises—a California-based company that makes aftermarket engine parts for Chrysler products, Fords, Chevrolets, and more—has filed a […] 
Better Hurry—Porsche’s Sublime 918 Spyder Is Nearly Sold Out  Oct 20th, 2014 
Are you a multimillionaire mulling over whether to buy Porsche’s neck-snapping 918 Spyder? Better make up your mind—Porsche says that the ultralimited hybrid hypercar is nearly sold out. Thirty of the planned 918-unit run have already been delivered globally to customers, too, although one of the cars has already been written off. Porsche’s über-hybrid, which […] 
“Substantially New” 2016 Acura ILX to Bow in L.A., Doesn’t Appear Substantially Different  Oct 20th, 2014 
Acura’s ILX compact sedan has been a near total sales dud. Sure, the idea of wrapping the Honda Civic’s bones in fancier clothes and ladling on an extra helping of refinement sounds good—and it worked in Canada!—but that’s not exactly how the ILX turned out when it hit the market as a 2013 model. Yet don’t bury […] 
ONE MEEEELLION DOLLARS: James Bond Lotus Esprit Submarine Up for Auction  Oct 20th, 2014 
The Spy Who Loved Me featured perhaps the second-most-famous James Bond car of all time, after the iconic Goldfinger Aston Martin DB5: the Lotus Esprit S1 that went from sports car to submarine with the flick of a switch. Now, thanks to an eBay auction, you can buy one—for a million bucks. Okay, so the […] 
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