These Are the “America” Cars  Jul 4th, 2015 
While people can argue about what constitutes a truly American car, these are the models from recent times that actually have “America” or “American” in their name.  
The Spirit of ’76: This Van Is Boss, Man  Jul 4th, 2015 
In Japan, there exists a subculture known as Dajiban, offering a unique spin on custom Ram vans that involves a soupçon of stance, a dash of bosozoku, and a twisted sense of humor. The machines are alternately known as “H-vans,” with the “H” code for “hentai”—Japanese for “pervert.” But were it not for the golden […] 
2015 VW Golf SportWagen Automatic Tested: Practical Domination  Jul 3rd, 2015 
All we really want from any vehicle is for it to do its job well. It’s a deceptively simple criterion that guides our reviews of everything from burly off-roaders to thrifty subcompacts to ludicrously capable exotics. We’re hard-pressed to think of a vehicle that fulfills its mission better than VW’s Golf SportWagen—maybe the lunar rover. […] 
The Spirit of ’76: Stuzify My Love  Jul 3rd, 2015 
For some reason, when we think of coachbuilt glamour, thoughts automatically drift to chassis that were handed off to British and Italian men armed with sandbags, snips, shears, shrinkers, stretchers, English wheels, and a variety of hammers. Pretty much every machine that takes home the big prize at Pebble Beach is “famed European marque bodied […] 
2015 Buick LaCrosse Review: In the Comfort Zone  Jul 3rd, 2015 
Overview: Buick’s flagship sedan, the LaCrosse, prioritizes comfort and ease of use, making it popular both for Americans planning long interstate excursions and Chinese executives aiming to relax behind their chauffeurs. It has been a strong seller since it was last completely redesigned for 2010 and offers either front- or all-wheel drive with the standard […] 
This Supercut of Cars Flying Off Cliffs and Exploding Is Pure America  Jul 3rd, 2015 
What would you do with $150 million? For Hollywood directors, this theoretical is a day job. Movie studios hand them mountains of cash to turn cockamamie ideas into decade-long franchises. The requirement: dream big. Which is why we see so many cars driven off steep mountainsides. Really, who else has the expendable cash and car […] 
2016 Chevrolet Camaro Dissected: Chassis, Powertrain, Design, and More – Feature  Jul 3rd, 2015 
C/D 60th Anniversary: Looking Back at Our Tests of Four Breakthrough Gadgets  Jul 3rd, 2015 
From the July 2015 issue Our Gearbox section was formalized in 2008, but we’ve been doing reviews of automotive accessories and upgrades since the Sports Cars Illustrated days. The progress that’s taken place over our 60-year history hasn’t spared the gadget, and we’ve occasionally been there to chronicle in-car technology’s relentless march forward (or backward). […] 
Exclusive! There’s a Third Enzo Ferrari Movie in the Works  Jul 3rd, 2015 
We’ve been hearing about Ferrari films for years, and now it seems there is another one vying to get made. Back in April, Robert De Niro confirmed he was set to portray Enzo Ferrari in a forthcoming biopic about Il Commendatore. Shortly afterward, Michael Mann announced a competing and as-yet untitled Ferrari film reportedly based on […] 
2015 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen 1.8T TSI Automatic – Instrumented Test  Jul 3rd, 2015 
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